by Lily Miles

At Missouri Mortgage rates we offer prospective home buyers a wide variety of possibilities through dozens of different lenders.

Even if you’re a first time buyer who has been turned down in the past by a bank or credit union, we may be able to help.  Unlike banks or credit unions, which have to follow strict guidelines, we have access to a nationwide database of over 400 different lenders.  Many of these lenders have special programs to assist first time home buyers.  Others have programs with flexible guidelines to help people who have income or debt situations, or who have less than perfect credit.

For new home buyers we have programs that offer;

  •  100% financing with no down payment
  •  Gifts or seller assistance allowed 
  •  Fixed or adjustable rates
  •  Stated income programs (no verification of income!)
  •  Interest only payments
  •  Quick, accurate pre-qualifications 
  •  Payment options lower than interest only!
  • Step by step “Guide to Buying Your First Home” 

Mortgage-Broker-CalgaryInterest rates are still very low, and the possibilities are almost endless.  Some brokers and lenders advertise a very low rate, but only a small percentage of borrowers, who have perfect credit and high income, can actually qualify for that rate.  Others advertise programs by their “names”, which usually aren’t telling the whole story.  We refuse to do that, under any circumstances. 


Yes, there is a 2.95% ARM program, and we have it.  But that’s only the interest rate used to calculate your lowest payment option, and you would be deferring the balance of your actual interest rate of over 8%* .  And yes, there is a program called a 30 year Fixed/Interest Only, but you have the “interest only” option for just the first ten years, then your payment jumps dramatically, and your interest rate can become adjustable.  However, these programs can be the best choice for some people.  We’ll give you all the facts, and then work with you to find the best program. 

Contact us and we’ll be happy to find the best rate and terms available for your needs and your specific situation.  We’ll explain each option completely, so you can make an informed decision.   With Missouri Mortgage Rates there is never any hype, pressure, come-ons, or hidden fees and requirements.  Whether this is the first time you’ve bought a home or the tenth, we’ll the whole process of getting your perfect Missouri mortgage easy and stress free.