About Us

About Us

by Lily Miles

Mortgage-Broker-CalgaryHas a mortgage broker told you one thing in the beginning but as it got closer to your closing date, tried to deliver something different? That is NOT what you will hear from me. We’ll give you insight as to the type of person I am. I believe in doing things the old-fashioned way, by building a relationship with you based upon the value I provide to you. I am a person who believes in what comes around goes around. We treat others as We want to be treated, with respect, common courtesy, and with their interest in mind. I am active in the local community, volunteer time as a Director for my HOA Board, assist with Little League baseball and Flag Football and soon Soccer. I enjoy an occasional round of golf.

I believe in earning your trust, you are more than a customer or a number, you are my only focus. I hold myself accountable to higher standards. Rest assured that what I say in the beginning is what I will deliver in the end. You will not encounter a bait and switch routine when dealing with me. I pride myself on professionalism and fairness, always looking out for the clients best interest. I attribute my success to strong personal motivation, a great support staff, and the ability to recognize and react to change within my industry.

I pride myself on delivering in the end what we spoke of in the beginning. Some mortgage professionals will say one thing and do another. I am not one of those professionals. My past clients can attest to what I have said. Visit my clients


Here are a few reasons on why you should have Us assisted you with your mortgage. The UMBs Interests are fully aligned with their customers.

    • They can thus represent borrowers in shopping for loans. In contrast, the “regular” mortgage brokers shopping the market are often in a conflict situation with customers.


    • For example:


    • 1. The loan type that best meets the customer’s needs may not be the one that provides the largest profit for the Mortgage Broker.


    • 2. Mortgage Brokers may profit by ignoring customer requests to lock the rate/points, putting the customer at risk.


    3. Mortgage Brokers often increase their markup on customers who allow the rate/points to float by not giving them the best available rate (the float rate) when the loan is finally locked.
    • Missouri Mortgage Rates disclose their fees to customers in advance, and in writing, and disclose the wholesale prices (rates and points) passed through from lenders. Customers of an UMB pay the brokers fee and receive wholesale loan prices.


    In contrast, conventional mortgage brokers (MBs) add a markup to the wholesale prices and quote the resulting “retail prices” to customers. Most MBs reveal their markup only in required disclosures after an application has been submitted.